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Saturday, February 03, 2007

What are you doing?

Amos 6:1 Woe to you who are complacent in Zion, and to you who feel secure on Mount Samaria, you notable men of the foremost nation, to whom the people of Israel come.

I recently read an article from The Barna Group (a Christian research organization), that dicloses the following statistics from mainstream America:

4% believe everyone is God. (2005)

71% believe that God is the all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect creator that rules the world today. (2006)

7% believe that God is the total realization of personal, human potential. (2006)

2% believe that there are many gods, each with different power and authority. (2006)

8% believe that God is a state of higher consciousness that a person may reach. (2006)

4% believe that there is no such thing as God. (2006)

After seeing this survey, I wonder why it is that prayer is being taken out of our schools, abortions are being performed, crosses are being taken down, Gay marriage is becoming legal, and our Christian rights are being stripped away. Can't Christians see that we are a MAJORITY in this coutry? Why are we allowing this to happen? Well folks, it's called apathy. It's the attitude that as Christians, we shouldn't become involved in the political arena. I say that's absolutely not true.

There are an amazing number of Christians, as we speak, that are wondering what they can do do spread the Word of God throughout the world. Well, I suggest that they start at home by voting, and letting their voices be heard by their political leaders. I say this because if this country's lawmakers continue on the path they are being led on by liberal forces opposed to Christianity, then we won't be allowed even spread the word in our own communities. If we can't utter the name of Jesus in our own schools, our courts, or on the street, then how can we teach other countries to do it? We have to lead by example!

When I was in seminary, I had the good fortune of becoming friend with a Vietnamese Seminarian by the name of Tran. Tran would tell me stories about how the goverment of Vietnam would not allow churches to meet in public, so his church would meet in the attic of their house. There would be 30 people in cramed into the attic. There wan't even enough room for them to stand up, but they were as happy as they could be. they were happy because they knew the love of Jesus. I fear that one day, this may happen scenerio may happen here if we don't start taking a stand now.

I put a passage from the Book of Amos at the top of this bolg, and it says; Amos 6:1 Woe to you who are complacent in Zion, and to you who feel secure on Mount Samaria, you notable men of the foremost nation, to whom the people of Israel come. We have to understand that we cannot be passive if we want this country to remain Christian. This verse clearly states, "Woe to you who are complacent in Zion." Let me remind you that it doesn't say good for you who are complacent. The world, looks at us to be a moral compass for all countries to emulate. We were once a nation known for it's ethical and moral principles, but that opinion of us is quickly fading away. How can we be a compass for others to use if our needle is pointing south? We have to regain the Christian values of this country againif we really want to be a model again. But we have to start by DOING something.

So what can we do? Here's a few starters:

1. Vote. There's nothing in this world that will make a politician turn their way quicker than a vote. Vote for the candidate that represents the values of the Bible, not of the world.

2. Write your elected official. As you saw from the statistics at the begining of this blog, we are the majority. 71 % of Americans believe in God, that means we're allowing 29 % to take our rights away from us! Why? It's about the numbers. I guarantee you that it 71% of this nation wrote a letter to their elected official demanding that we return to our Christian values, then it would be done without hesitation. Numbers speak.

3. Urge your Pastor and church to teach more on the topics that are contreversial. This is a tough one because many congregations today will turn on a Pastor in a heartbeat if they don't agree with him. This tends to make the Pastor stay away from topics like abortion, prayer in schools, gay marriages, and others. But we have to. Support your Pastor when he is led to preach on topics that are destroying the moral fiber of this country. We don't need to be politically correct, we need to be morally correct.

When I took the position of Pastoral Liason for Claifornia for the Organization some of the people I knew didn't agree with what I did. People said it wasn't smart because a Pastor shouldn't become involved in politics. Those people need to know that I haven't taken up politics, I've taken up the fight. The fight to keep this coutry free for them to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. I chose advocacy, not apathy. What will you choose.

Praying that we all take up arms for Jesus,
Pastor Mike


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