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Monday, January 29, 2007

What am I tired of?

As many of you know, I have chosen to accept the position of Pastoral Liaison for the State of California for the advocacy group, Stop the ( My job will be to organize and rally Pastors and Churches to take a more active role in fighting against the radical liberal organization, ACLU. Now having said that, why would I take this drastic step? Here's some reasons:

1. When I saw the picture of a nativity scene displayed by an ACLU fraternity with the heads cut off the Biblical figures and replaced with Karl Marx and his likes, I could no longer sit by and allow my Lord and Savior to be desecrated like this.

2. When the ACLU starts to take this country from the Biblical principles on which it was founded from our classrooms, our money, and our ability to display our symbols, then I fight. Now I know that there will be people who read this blog, who will try to claim that our founding fathers had no intentions of this being a Godly nation, but I say they are blind. When we take God out of this country, then we're done.

3. They advocate killing.....It's called abortion.

4. To many Christians are acting like there isn't a problem. I hear my fellow brothers and sister claiming that it isn't right for them to get involved. I hear Pastors say that church isn't the place for politics. Then where is the place? We need to stand up for our Christian principles before we have none.

I beg you, please do something. Visit the website and see what is happening in our nation today, and how you can fight this. Email me at if you have any questions.

Now I want to make it clear that we shouldn't hate those peole who oppose us, we need to pray for them. DON'T HATE...

Praying for the salvation of all,
Pastor Mike,


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