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Friday, January 26, 2007

Psalm 25:4 NIV Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths

In today's and tomorrow's devotionals, I would like to share with you 10 questions you'll want to ask yourself and pray about when you're faced with a decision. The first five are generic. They represent moral issues and Godly wisdom that are normative for all times.

Have you prayed about it? Prayer was never intended to be a fourth-down punting situation in which we ask God to bail us out of our hasty decisions. It was intended to be a first-down huddle. We aren't supposed to ask God to bless our plans; we're supposed to ask God for His plans.

Is it consistent with the Word of God? In our culture, ignorance of God's Word is no excuse since resources are all around us. I believe that every home should have at least a concordance, a Bible dictionary, a topical Bible, a good commentary, and a study Bible with notes. Most pastors would love to share what God has to say about a given matter. If they wouldn't, you have called the wrong pastor!

Can I do it and be a positive Christian witness? A seminary student stopped by my friends office and told him about a job he had been offered. It would take care of his financial needs, but he had some reservations concerning the sales pitch he was required to use. My friend asked him if he could use the sales technique and be a positive witness for Christ. He didn't take the job.

Will the Lord be glorified? Can I do this and give glory to God? In doing it, would I be glorifying God in my body? Am I seeking the glory of man or the glory of God? Am I doing this to be noticed by man or am I seeking to please the Lord?

Am I acting responsibly? God doesn't bail us out of our irresponsibility. But when we are faithful in little things, He will put us in charge of greater things. Don't get ahead of God's timing or you will be over your head in responsibilities. Seek to develop your life and message, and God will expand your ministry.

Remember, when you follow God, His love will follow you.

Looking forward to tomorrow,
Pastor Mike


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