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Monday, June 19, 2006

Discovering the Source of Problems

Are you looking around at your life today wondering why everything seems so wrong? Does it seem like some people put out less effort than you in life but get more? How could a loving God possibly allow this sort of thing to happen?

2 Samuel 21:14 After that, God answered prayer in behalf of the land.

During the reign of Da
vid, there was a famine in the land for three very long years. So David looked for the Lord regarding this famine, "Why is there famine on this land?" The Lord answered David, "It is on account of Saul and his blood-stained house; it is because he put the Gibeonites to death" (2 Sam. 21:1b).

Years earlier, Joshua made a peace treaty with the Gibeonites. This was also an act of disobedience. When God called Israel to come into the Promised Land, they were to destroy all the enemies of God. Joshua fail
ed to see through the false face of deception when the Gibeonites made themselves look like travelers. The Israelites signed a peace treaty only to find out who the Gibeonites were after they signed it. Now they had to honor the treaty. However, this led to intermarriages and a whole lot of sorrow for Israel. Years later, Saul made a decision to kill the Gibeonites.

The nation was now regretting the punishment for their sin of disobedience through a famine. David knew that famines could have a spiritual source, so he asked God and God answered. The reason for the famine was Saul's murder of the Gibeonites. Once David knew the source of the problem, he took action. He re
pented on behalf of the nation and made restitution. The famine was then lifted.

Do you have a problem that seems to be a continually unresolved issue? Have you asked God to tell you the reason for the problem? It may have a spiritual cause that's still unresolved with God. He may be allowing this pressure to bring attention to an issue He wants you to take care of. Ask the Lord today to give you revelation on your problem. As a loving Father, He wants to make known anything that stands in the way of fellowship between you and Him. However, His righteousness must always be upheld.

Praying that we all get our unresolved issues straight with God
Pastor Mike

Three Nurses

Three nurses arrive at the pearly gates. St. Peter asks the first why he should admit her.
She replies that she has been an emergency room nurse and has saved thousands and thousands of lives.

"OK", he says, "Come on in!"

The second reports that he has been an ICU nurse and he, too, has saved thousands and thousands of lives. St. Peter lets him in, too.

St. Peter asks the third nurse the same question. She replies that she has been an HMO care nurse and has saved thousands and thousands of dollars for the insurance company.

St. Peter replies, "OK. Come on in. But you can only stay three days. And then . . . "


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