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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now this is strange

OK! This is going to be one short blog tonight. As we celebrate the Holy week in freedom, I want to tell you a short article I just saw on the news. Over the last weekend, Iraq held it's first Miss Iraq contest since 1972. Now that may not seem like it's of any interest to you, but there's more. The new Miss Iraq is a Christian. But it gets even more complex. The original Miss Iraq(Tamar Goregian) from this weekends contest stepped down and fled the Country after her life was threatened by Muslim extremists.

The next two runner up's, who were Muslim, refused to accept the title because of the same threats. Finally, the fourth runner up, (Silva Shahakian) accepted the title of Miss Iraq and announced that she was a Christian. An announcement that will surely put a mark of death on her. Now where am I going with this? After seeing this brave woman announce her faith in a faith that will put you to death for being anything other than Muslim, we have it pretty easy. We get to write nice blogs and attend fancy churches in the open to celebrate Holy Week, while others are putting their lives on the line for the name of Jesus. They're accepting a certain death sentence to spread the gospel. We're not all set out to be missionaries, but we can sure all pray for them. Today I ask that you pray for this woman of God, and everyone else who are putting themselves in harms way to tell others about Jesus Christ. Please pray in earnerst for these brave Christian Soldiers. They need our prayers, and we owe it to them. Just a thought...

Praying for everyone to spread the Word
Pastor Mike


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