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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I am a regular subscriber to the Voice of the Martyrs, and have to admit that it breaks my heart to see what is going on in this world. Read the following stories from an article that was sent to me recently, then pray for each one.

ETHIOPIA Attacks on Christians in Western Ethiopia - VOM Canada
VOM is providing aid for Semu Hailu and his family after he was imprisoned on November 5. Hailu, an elder of a Mennonite Church in Jimma was imprisoned after a group of Muslims accused him of insulting the Prophet Muhammad. Hailu had refused to move out of his house and sell his property to a nearby mosque. The Muslims responded by telling him that "kafirs" (infidels) should not live around mosques and threatened him repeatedly, demanding that he leave his property. When he refused, they eventually accused him of insulting Muhammad. During Hailu's November 9 court hearing, Muslims brought in false witnesses to testify against him. The court ordered him to be imprisoned for an unspecified period of time. In another incident, November 17, the house of Jemal Tasisa was burned by Muslims in the village of Tongo. Tasisa, an elder in a local Lutheran church, has fled to Assosa, Benishangul state with his five children. Pray these believers will remain faithful to Jesus. Romans 12:19

INDIA Faithful Christian Worker Killed - Compass Direct
Two unidentified militants recently killed a Christian convert from Islam on a busy road in Mamoosa village in the terror-stricken state of Jammu and Kashmir. Bashir Ahmed Tantray, a 50-year-old engineer, was shot dead apparently by Islamist militants as he stood at a busy bus stand near his parents' house. Tantray, who had accepted Christianity about a decade ago and had been an active Christian worker ever since, is survived by his wife, two daughters and two sons. A local Christian source said. "There is no doubt among the people, both Christian and Muslim, here that he was killed because of his identity as a Christian worker." John 16:1-3

VIETNAM Government Plan to Subdue Spread of Protestantism - Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Christian Solidarity Worldwide learned about an internal Vietnamese government training manual, which outlines a plan "to resolutely subdue the abnormally rapid and spontaneous development of the Protestant religion." This plan seeks to dampen the spread of Protestantism among ethnic minorities in the country's northwest highlands. Pray God will continue the "abnormal" growth of His kingdom in Vietnam. 1 Peter 2:9, 10

PAKISTAN Drunken Mob Vandalizes Church - Compass Direct
On November 12, armed and drunken Muslims struck two greeters at a Sunday evening service of a church outside Lahore. They returned later to pelt the building with stones and bricks. Ten men broke fluorescent lights and a cross on the outer gate of the Talab Sarai village Nazarene church. Pastor Rafiq Masih told the Center for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) that the Muslim men began to hit greeters who had stopped them earlier from harassing Christian women. The congregation of about 40 families quickly came out of the church, halting the attackers. The Muslim men "had every intention to use the firearms," a CLAAS coordinator reported. Because the Christians didn't respond angrily, the situation did not get worse. Pray the witness of these believers will lead others to their loving Savior. Matthew 5:43-46

SRI LANKA Mobs Attack Churches - Compass Direct
Buddhist militants attacked two church services in Sri Lanka on November 12 and hit Christian workers returning from a funeral. In the first attack, a mob of some 100 people, including four Buddhist monks, pasted anti-Christian posters in the neighborhood of an Assembly of God church in Yakkala, Gampaha district, and blocked the road leading to the church. Four days later, as a young Christian woman arrived at the pastor's house asking for prayer, a man doused her with a container of burnt oil. In another attack, a mob of about 35 people - including 12 Buddhist monks and a local government official - walked into the Sunday service of a prayer ministry in Kandy district, demanding that the service cease immediately. "We were threatened that if we gathered together for worship again, the building would be flattened," the local pastor said. Pray God will protect the Christians as they continue to follow Jesus. Ephesians 6:10-13

Praying for our missionaries,
Pastor Mike


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