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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Praying like crazy

John 17:1-12

Prayer is the heartbeat of the believer’s walk with God. But we sometimes wonder what kind of influence prayer really has. We ask:

1. If the Lord controls all things, why does He want us to pray? God wants to involve us in the work He is doing; through prayer, we can be part of His plans and purposes. Praying regularly also helps us keep a sense of dependence upon our Father and leads to a deepening relationship with Him. Also, God wants to bring us into agreement with His will. The more our plans line up with His, the more He is able to accomplish in and through our life. In addition, He knows that answered prayer will grow our faith.

2. Would God’s plans fail if we chose not to pray? God is not subservient to us, so His plans are contingent only upon Himself. He works all things after the counsel of His will, not according to our prayers. However, He asks us to communicate in order to include us in His eternal purposes.

3. Does my failure to pray affect my life or anyone else’s? According to Scripture, some things that God has planned to give will be received only if we ask Him (James 4:2). For example, Jesus did not perform many miracles in His hometown because so few people had the faith to ask (Matthew 13:57-58).

Jesus’ actions shows us the place prayer ought to have in the believer’s life. Knowing that God was in perfect control of all things, He consistently went to the heavenly Father in prayer. Will you seek to follow Jesus’ example?

Praying harder by the day,
Pastor Mike


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