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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Moving Together into Victory

2 Peter 1:3-11 "make every effort to add to your faith ... self-control ..." (vv. 5-6)

God is willing to do His part in helping you in this battle with evil thoughts - but you must be willing to do yours. There's a teaching in some Christian circles that if we discover a need for change in our lives, we should passively wait upon God until He accomplishes it. It sounds so spiritual, but actually it borders on a very profound error.

A Christian man once said: "I would like to be free from a certain sin I'm involved in, but I find I'm powerless to break away from it." I asked him what he expected to happen in order for him to find a way out of his situation. He said, "I expect God to take away the desire for this sin and therefore set me free." He was saying, in effect, "God is responsible for delivering me, and my task is to wait passively until He does it." That view is unbiblical - and what's more, it doesn't work.

Although deliverance comes from God, we're the ones who carry it out. Let that sink in! The principle is this - you supply the willingness, and God will supply the power. Do you really want to win this battle against evil thoughts? If do, then you can. Show God you mean business by putting the Biblica principles you've learned throughout your lifetime into practice, and you will pave the way for His incredible power to work in and through you. Once you've done this, life's stuggles and evil thoughts will never be able to break you again. Here, too, you can become strong at the broken places.

Praying that we all become more aggresive for Jesus,
Pastor Mike


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